The participation of (all) stakeholders in the energy turnaround is very important for a successful implementation. The presented tools show different ways of participation. Communication instruments are suitable to raise awareness and acceptance. The IT-Toolbox with digital maps like a solar cadastral supports the decision making of investments in renewable energies. Boosting green technologies financial incentives are welcome and make the decision easier. Alternative ways to bundle resources (e.g. capital, knowledge) are participating models like energy cooperatives or public power plants. Thereby people get the chance to invest in renewable energy plants or infrastructure together.


The project "Cities on Power" has developed a transnational participatory concept which describes in which manner stakeholders can be involved in renewable energy development in urban development, under the consideration of different instruments. This concept is an offer to all European municipalities and shows, how a participatory concept could be set up and elaborated in their cities. We invite you to learn about it! Please download the concept here.

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Participatory concept for the application of renewable energy

Annex participatory concept

Central Europe
This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.